Ron Paul’s Take on Patriotism and Independence Day

What does libertarian communicator Ron Paul think of patriotism and the Fourth of July holiday? That is a question Jay Taylor asked Paul this week when Paul was a guest on Taylor’s show Turning Hard Times into Good Times.

Paul answers regarding the Fourth of July that Paul supports emphasizing the effort of the Founders “to go and separate themselves from England and show us that secession is not such a bad idea.” Paul continues his answer by proposing that “we should celebrate truths” and that this means that on the Fourth of July we should “say what real patriotism is.” “For me, real patriotism is a willingness to work hard to understand what’s going on and not to defend our government when they are wrong,” says Paul.

Listen here to the interview, in which Taylor and Paul also discuss matters including American history, libertarian ideas, and monetary policy:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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