Ron Paul Praises Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders…With Reservations

Ron Paul Institute Chairman Ron Paul told host Larry King on the Friday episode of Ora TV’s Politicking that in November he would vote for neither Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump nor Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Nevertheless, Paul did have something favorable to say about each candidate.

Commenting in the interview first regarding Sanders, Paul said that Sanders “stands on principle” and that, “even though we disagreed on a lot of issues,” Paul and Sanders “would work together” sometimes when they were both in the United States Congress. Paul provides, in the interview, an example of where Paul and Sanders had common ground that led them to work together:

We would support some legislation, and people would say, “How are you doing this with a socialist?” I said, “We’re both against corporatism; we’re both against the special benefits to big business,” which was true. But, you know, his answer to that wouldn’t always be the same. Mine would always drift to the free market, and his would drift to “well we need more government to redistribute wealth.” But we could both attack subsidies for large corporations or the military-industrial complex. So, in that sense, you know, there is a kinship.

Expanding from his discussion of working with Sanders in Congress, Paul proceeds to praise having a coalition of libertarians such as Paul and progressives such as Sanders working together on matters where their beliefs overlap. In discussing this coalition, Paul mentions former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) with whom Paul worked in the House of Representatives on various efforts to protect liberty and oppose foreign intervention. Kucinich is a member of the Ron Paul Institute’s Advisory Board.

When asked by King what makes Trump “a good candidate,” Paul commented that “one of the most important things that he has done is that he has given people a little bit of reprieve on the obsessive political correctness — that you can’t say anything or think anything or all of a sudden you are a monster.” Paul elaborated, “there is this policing of our speech and the political correctness, and I think there was a lot of that in the major media, and he was willing to challenge that.”

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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