Media’s Blind Spot on War’s Victims and Blowback

Over at The Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald has written a powerful and insightful examination of how media provides Americans with many details regarding the deaths and suffering caused by terrorist attacks in “western” nations but shields Americans from anywhere near the coverage of victims of the United States and cooperating governments’ attacks in other countries, including the US government’s “hideous civilian-slaughtering strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Iraq.”

Greenwald then takes the extra step in the article to discuss the issue of blowback — in particular, that terrorist attacks can be a means of retaliation against attacks by the western nations. But, the media rarely addresses this fact. Instead, Greenwald notes, the media mainly ensures Americans are “constantly bombarded with images and stories and dramatic narratives highlighting our own side’s victims, while the victims of our side’s violence are rendered invisible.” This perpetuation by the media of “self-pleasing and tribal-affirming — but utterly false — narratives,” Greenwald charges, “is the very definition of propaganda.”

Continue reading at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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