Ron Paul: Bernie Sanders is Principled, but Not Consistently Antiwar

Fox Business host Kennedy asked Ron Paul on Wednesday to address the similarities between Paul and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), whose presidential campaign, Kennedy noted, has much support from young people as did Paul’s presidential campaigns.

Paul responded that Sanders is a principled individual — just as Paul was in presidential campaigns and as a Republican US House of Representatives member from Texas. This, Paul suggests, appeals to young people who are “idealistic” and “willing to listen to different viewpoints” instead of being “locked in place” in political views as “middle aged and older people” more often are. The appeal of the two candidates to young people also arises, Paul suggests, from young people believing Paul and Sanders “are telling the truth” and “are not just giving them a lot of political talk.”

Yet, while Paul says Sanders is a fellow principled individual, Paul also says in the interview that Paul and Sanders’ differing principles lead them to take some very different stands on some matters. Zeroing in on foreign policy and militarism, Paul mentions Sanders gave support for US wars in Libya and Kosovo, as well as for “all the military budgets.” While acknowledging that Sanders did not vote for the Iraq War, Paul concludes that Sanders otherwise “basically votes with the neoconservatives.”

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