Don’t Put Your Faith in Apple, Judges, or Congress to Protect Your Privacy

If we put our faith in technology company Apple, the United States courts, or the US Congress to protect our privacy, we may well find ourselves sorely disappointed. That is the message of Ron Paul Institute Senior Fellow Adam Dick in a newly released interview on the Wake Up Call Podcast.

Speaking with hosts Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros, Dick explores the legislative and judicial battle over whether the US government can require Apple and other companies to help the government access individuals’ private electronic information that is protected by passcodes, encryption, and other security measures.

While Apple is taking a turn as privacy hero in some recent court disputes, Dick notes the company also has a history of aiding the government in accessing private information on electronic devices.

In the federal courts, a New York magistrate judge has received much attention for his rejection of a US government request that Apple be required to help breach the security of an iPhone connected to a criminal investigation. However, Dick explains that this judge also suggests there would be no problem with courts routinely issuing such orders, if only Congress would pass some new legislation on the matter.

Over in Congress, some legislators are rushing forward with declarations that they want to protect privacy, encryption, and electronic devices’ security measures. But, can we trust Congress to protect our private information from government snooping? Dick addresses how Congress’ recent track record on restricting government snooping is not so hot. Congress’ reform effort in response to whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s revelations of the great extent of the US government’s mass surveillance program, for example, resulted in the USA FREEDOM Act that allows the mass surveillance to continue instead of ending it.

These are some of the issues, among many, Dick discusses in the in-depth podcast interview. You can listen to the complete interview here:

Find links to articles and resources mentioned in the interview here on the on the Wake Up Call Podcast website.

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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