Washington’s Bias Toward War

College of William & Mary Professor and Ron Paul Institute Academic Board Member Lawrence Wilkerson examined, in an interview last week with host Paul Jay on the Real News Network, the connection between war and profits. War brings profits, and this feeds a Washington, DC bias toward war, says Wilkerson.

In the interview focused on the Republican presidential primary candidates, Wilkerson, a former Army colonel who was chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell, elaborates:

But there is a group in this country who will put money behind anyone who looks like he’s going to maintain and even push more stridently than before the business or war, if you will. I’ve recently had a person at the highest levels of power in this land say to me, ‘Inside Washington there is a bias toward war.’ That’s absolutely correct. Lots of people made a lot of money off the invasion of Iraq. Lots of people made a lot of money off Afghanistan. Lots of people are still making — did and are still making — lots of money over this politics of fear associated with terrorism and the counter-terrorism associated with it. So this is a very lucrative business, war.

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