Judge Napolitano: What if the US Consulate in Benghazi was a Terrorist Weapons Warehouse?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, in a new riveting two-minute video monologue, is asking important questions regarding the killings of the US ambassador to Libya, another diplomat, and CIA contractors in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Napolitano is also asking about the connection between these killings and a secret US program to provide weapons to terrorists.

Was the United States government handing out weapons in Libya to groups the US government had identified as terrorist organizations? Was the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi due to this illegal weapons transfer program? Napolitano wants answers, and he seems optimistic that answers will be revealed soon.

In a series of provocative questions in the Thursday video monologue, Napolitano, a Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Advisory Board member, asks:

And what if the weapons that the United States government illegally sold to American enemies were the same weapons used to kill the United States ambassador in Benghazi? And what if the reason the consulate in Benghazi was attacked was because it wasn’t just a consulate — it was a warehouse for weapons, and the rebels knew the weapons were there, and they wanted more than we were giving to them?

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