Ed Mullins Returns with More Marijuana Nonsense Talk

With the recent announcement of the particulars of the New York City Police Department policy change intended to reduce marijuana arrests, Sergeants Benevolent Association police union leader Ed Mullins, who previously lamented that reducing marijuana arrests in the city would be “clearly the beginning of the breakdown of a civilized society,” is back with more nonsense talk about marijuana.

Under the new NYPD operations order effective November 19, marijuana arrests are expected to drop dramatically. The new policy directs that police generally should not arrest a person who has 25 grams (about 9/10 of an ounce) or less of marijuana “consistent with personal use” in public view in a public place. Instead, the marijuana may be confiscated and the individual fined up to $100 for a first offense and up to $250 for a later offense. Police are instructed, though, to continue to arrest individuals who are in public with lit marijuana.

Mullins first attempts to disparage the police policy change by labeling it as part of a “far-left agenda.” Mullins is quoted in the New York Daily News:

‘Some guys are really blaming de Blasio,’ Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said. ‘The guy just doesn’t get it with this whole far-left agenda, and he’s putting (cops) in a bad spot.’

That is not much of an argument. Favoring free speech and peace is often labeled as “left wing” as well; that does not make those views wrong. Mullins’ comment does nothing more than reinforce the false left-right dichotomy that diverts people from considering the real battle between freedom and oppression.

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