Ron Paul: Technology for Liberty, Not War

RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul, in a wide-ranging Alex Jones Show interview on Tuesday, commented on the potential of technology to counter “the abusive state.” Noting that government will always use technology for war and against the people, Paul says that in response “we have to try to get the smart people on our side to make sure the technology protects our liberty.”

Paul elaborates:

For not centuries but thousands of years all technology has been used for the state and enhanced war. Whether it’s jet power, nuclear energy, or whatever, it’s always been used to build bigger and worse weapons. And I think now we are moving into an age where we are capable as human beings to take technology and use it to do exactly the opposite. I know that it is early on and it’s a big transition and it might be a stretch, but why not? Why not even think that it’s a possibility that we can use technology for the advancement of peace and prosperity rather than using it to enhance the power of the state?

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