Australia Senator, Greens Party Leader Christine Milne Opposes ISIS War, Warns of Blowback

In the United States, congressional leaders — both Democrat and Republican — have long supported the US war on ISIS. In Australia, though, there is some vocal opposition, including from Australia Senator and Australian Greens Party Leader Christine Milne.

Milne, opposed outright Australia’s involvement in the war in a Friday press release wherein she explains that the war is counterproductive and risks blowback:

“We cannot bring Australians together and combat extremism at home by blindly following the USA into yet another Iraq war,” said Senator Milne.

“It is not as simple as extremists hating us because of our way of life. They are also fuelled by our past engagement in Iraq with the Coalition of the Willing. Fighting US led Western imperialism is a rallying call for jihadists.

“We cannot ignore the fact that arming sectarian militia and dropping bombs in the Middle East will do absolutely nothing to combat extremism and violence at home in Australia and may make it much worse.”

Milne and other senators’ effort to require a Senate debate and vote on Australian military involvement in the war on ISIS failed with 44 “no” votes to 13 “yes” votes. All ten Greens in the Senate were joined in the vote by a Liberal Democratic Party senator, Palmer United Party senator, and one independent senator. Notably, no “yes” votes were cast by any of the Liberal Party of Australia and Australian Labor Party senators who together hold over two-thirds of the Senate membership.

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