Liberty Across the Board: Ron Paul vs Boston Globe on The Right to Use Heroin

The Boston Globe published this week a guest editorial arguing, as RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul memorably did during a 2011 Republican presidential primary debate in South Carolina, that heroin should be legalized. While the Globe editorial presents strong arguments for heroin legalization, it shies away from discussing the right to use heroin. In contrast, when asked in the debate about legalizing heroin, Paul zeroed in on individual rights, saying that protecting the right to use heroin is part of his commitment to protecting liberty “across-the-board”:

The Globe editorial by Jack Cole of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition presents valuable arguments for ending heroin prohibition and merits reading. But, the editorial fails to address the important issue of individuals’ right to choose what they put into their bodies, including substances that alter their perceptions.

Continue reading at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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