RPI’s Adam Dick Addresses the Rise of Libertarians in American Politics

RPI Contributor Adam Dick comments today regarding the rise of libertarian ideas in American politics in a MintPress News article:

‘It is unfair to say that Libertarians are separating from conservatives,’ Adam Dick, a writer with the Ron Paul Institute, told MintPress News. Dick asserted that Libertarians come from all points in the political spectrum, and Democrats are just as likely to be Libertarians as Republicans.

‘There is a movement among some people in regards to Libertarian-thinking, the polling is showing that people are now seeing the government — more now than ever before — as being one of the greatest threats to individual rights … there is an undeniable libertarian movement underway that is separate and distinguishable from both the Republicans and the Democrats,’ Dick concluded.

Continue reading at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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