Judge Napolitano: Obama’s NSA Proposals Maintain Totalitarian Hallmarks

Speaking Tuesday with host Steve Doocy on Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano, an RPI Advisory Board member, concludes that the mass spying program reform proposed in President Barack Obama’s Friday speech maintains the program’s “hallmarks of a totalitarian government.” Napolitano explains:

The president’s new proposals do not change the fundamental principal that the government on a massive scale is violating the fundamental right to privacy that every American has, and the specifically guaranteed right to privacy in the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t say all spying is illegal. It says spying on all of us is illegal. So, if the government wants to spy on a conversation you and I are having, it goes to a judge and explains to the judge why in that conversation it will probably learn of some criminal activity. But, that doesn’t give the government the right to get a warrant or the judge the right to issue a warrant to spy on everybody in the state of New Jersey or Bergen County in order to capture just you and me.

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