Obama Promises ‘Prudent Limits’ on Drone Killings, Delivers Death by Unreliable Metadata

No wonder President Barack Obama has cloaked in secrecy his administration’s justifications for ordering “targeted killings,” including through the use of drones. Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald report in First Look’s “The Intercept” today that kill orders in the drones program are based on National Security Agency electronic surveillance analysis that is inherently misleading, easily foiled by targeted individuals, and necessarily causes the death and injury of unidentified, non-targeted people.

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Targeted Killings and Obama’s Secret Legal Memoranda

Like the George W. Bush Administration before it that sought to use secret legal memoranda to legitimize heinous treatment of prisoners, the Obama Administration appears to be using questionable and secret legal memoranda in an attempt to justify expanded presidential powers, including the power to use drones for “targeted killings.”

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Sanity Emerges: US to Legalize Some Hemp Growing

Researchers in several states soon should be able to legally grow hemp for the first time in decades because of legislation approved today in the US Senate.

While the new exception to the US law prohibiting growing hemp will be limited and will not affect US government prohibitions related to other substances under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the exception is significant as a rare instance where a prohibition under the CSA  a statute at the core of the US drug war  is limited instead of expanded.

The legal change, now passed by both chambers of Congress and on its way to President Barack Obama for signing into law, may be a harbinger of the dismantling of the US government’s drug war mentality that has reigned since President Richard Nixon declared in June of 1971:

America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive.

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Ron Paul: Rein In Obama or Suffer the Consequences

Speaking with host Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul addresses President Barack Obama’s distressing emphasis in the State of the Union Speech on expanding presidential power and using executive orders to bypass the Congress. While Paul grants that presidents for a long time have chosen to “go around the Congress,” he explains that “nobody has been so blatant about this” as has Obama. “If we don’t take fair warning — we the people as well as the Congress — to rein in this president, then we’re going to suffer the consequences,” says Paul.

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Sen. Wyden Slams Intelligence Officials Over ‘Culture of Misinformation’

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing today, presents succinctly and forcefully the case that senior officials overseeing the US government’s mass spying program have relied on “secret interpretations of the law” and “years of misleading and deceptive statements…to the American people.” Wyden proceeds to question witnesses James R. Clapper, John O. Brennan, and James B. Comey, Jr.  the directors, respectively, of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, and Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the mass spying and the “culture of misinformation” surrounding it.

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Ron Paul: Obama NSA Reform Speech Is “Nonsense,” Public Can Defeat Politicians on Spying

RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul, interviewed this week on Fox Business, calls President Barack Obama’s mass spying reform speech “a lot of nonsense.” Paul proceeds to express that he is “hopeful and optimistic” that the American people, whose sentiment is shifting against of the mass spying program, will win against program defenders such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Mike Rogers, chairmen of the US Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees.

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Judge Napolitano: Obama’s NSA Proposals Maintain Totalitarian Hallmarks

Speaking Tuesday with host Steve Doocy on Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano, an RPI Advisory Board member, concludes that the mass spying program reform proposed in President Barack Obama’s Friday speech maintains the program’s “hallmarks of a totalitarian government.” Napolitano explains:

The president’s new proposals do not change the fundamental principal that the government on a massive scale is violating the fundamental right to privacy that every American has, and the specifically guaranteed right to privacy in the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t say all spying is illegal. It says spying on all of us is illegal. So, if the government wants to spy on a conversation you and I are having, it goes to a judge and explains to the judge why in that conversation it will probably learn of some criminal activity. But, that doesn’t give the government the right to get a warrant or the judge the right to issue a warrant to spy on everybody in the state of New Jersey or Bergen County in order to capture just you and me.

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Ron Paul: Congress’ Failure to Check Executive Branch Would Astound Founders

“I’m sure the Founders would be astounded,” says RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul, “that this responsibility of the Congress to keep the executive branch in check was given up so easily.”

Speaking with Charles Goyette on Friday during their weekly podcast, Paul explains that the subordination of the US Congress to the executive branch began largely in foreign policy where “it was always conceded that you have to have a strong president.” Paul describes the abandoning of power to the president in foreign policy as “contagious” to other policy areas. Paul also addresses motivations he witnessed in fellow Congress members that encouraged them to give up to the executive branch Congress’ authority under the US Constitution.

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Krauthammer Agrees with Paul on Obama’s NSA Reform Speech — Sort Of

Columnist Charles Krauthammer says he agrees with RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul  — “the ACLU and Ron Paul are right” — that President Barack Obama’s mass spying reform speech Friday is “90-percent smoke and mirrors and very little substantive change.” The catch is that Krauthammer, speaking in a Fox News panel, proceeds to explain that he approves the bamboozling, saying it is “what we need.”

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